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Local Partners

A huge part of our ‘path to net zero’ pledge is our commitment to championing local & sustainable food & drink. Some of our suppliers have been with us since we opened, others have been bought onboard because their values align with ours.


Foodari are our fruit & veg supplier, we moved to them recently as their social & sustainable values are so strong. They work with local producers who are committed to nature-friendly farming practices, including leaving bigger field margins for wildflower growth. They have invested in route optimising software to reduce their food miles. They also do a home delivery service.

Joseph & Henry

We moved to Joseph & Henry in 2019 to reduce our food miles. They have been a master butcher for over 55 years. They work with farmers with low impact farming practices with many sustainable development awards including Red Tractor, Pasture for Life & the Queens Award for Enterprise. Beef & lamb are grass-fed from Bethersden, pork is outdoor reared from Dingley Dell, chicken is free range.

The Boathouse Fisheries

Our traditional fishmongers at St. Marys Bay. Our haddock comes from the deep cold waters of the North Sea, landed into Grimsby. Salmon comes from Scotland. We use local fish such as skate, plaice & monkfish for our seasonal specials.

Simply Ice Cream

These wonderful people have been with us since Day 1. Producing handmade ice cream using natural, fresh local ingredients. Amazing, inventive flavours such as Marmalade and Stem Ginger ∓ Heavenly Honeycomb Crunch. Simply ice cream is also served at the Marlowe Theatre & can be found in many local farm shops – well worth hunting down.

Coastal Farm Eggs

Our eggs come from this fabulous farm at Chartham Hatch, all their hens are free range, with the highest welfare standards.


Roasted locally & collected on foot from their gorgeous coffee shop in St. Margaret Street, a few hundred metres from us. Their beans come from family-run communes that are Fair Trade.


Family-owned company in Suffolk. Fabulous flakes of real chocolate from single-origin cocoa beans.

Simpsons Vineyard

One of the most iconic, successful wine brands in Kent, the Wine Garden of England. Ruth & Charles Simpson have developed an ethical, sustainable vineyard, just a couple of miles outside Canterbury. If you’re looking for a great day out, you can take a tour of the vineyard & leaving their tasting room is an experience to remember!

Chartham Vineyard

There were vineyards in Chartham mentioned in The Domesday Book. The tradition has been revived by this artisan, family-run vineyard. They are working towards sustainable methods in both cultivation and processing that will reduce environmental impact and promote biodiversity. Producing some lovely wines, our favourite is the Pinot Gris which perfectly complements our fish & plant-based dishes. They hold tours & regular art exhibitions.

Manor Wines

Our lovely, local wine merchant. They’ve been with us since we opened, supplying us with interesting wines, always friendly, always knowledgeable. They also have a home delivery service.

Westerham Brewery

Independent family brewery in the Weald of Kent. They produce award-winning, gluten free & vegan-friendly beers using the finest local ingredients wherever possible. They also have strong ethical & green values, which we love them for! They are doing so much towards a sustainable future, it’s worth having a look on their website. Highlights include fully recyclable packaging, used grain going to local livestock & moving from glass to cans. These not only need less energy to recycle but they weigh less, reducing delivery costs. They also have a fabulous Tap Room & shop at their brewery in the village of Westerham.

Scottish Power

All our electricity is green.

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